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The unfortunate fact is that many psychotherapists perform Couples’ Therapy who have not been trained to do so.

We have found through experience and research that the most effective couples’ therapy combines skill-building with feedback and insight on communication patterns and processes, along with regular homework assignments.

This online resource is a confidential and anonymous source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities in the United States or U. Territories for substance abuse/addiction and/or mental health problems.

CCM operates five outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinics, staffed by 150 licensed clinicians, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers.

You may not know how to successfully resolve ongoing hurts/resentments; betrayal of trust; affairs; cheating or other infidelity-related issues; verbal abuse; anger; and/or distance/lack of closeness in your relationship. Click below to learn more about the details on the PREP program.

Learn More At the Relationship Institute, specific goals are set at the beginning of therapy, and couples are expected to do homework to establish healthy relationship patterns and practices in their daily lives.

They are BBB Accredited, in business since 2009, and they've helped over 100,000 customers get out of debt.

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Counseling services, grief counseling, and HIV prevention programs for teens in NYC.They are dedicated to providing comprehensive information about addiction, treatment options and the path to full recovery. When you call their number, you will be connected to an addiction counselor, who will help find the right treatment and facility for your needs (this is free).Facilities range from free, public facilities to private centers.According to Recent Research, the following signs are proven symptoms of relationship deterioration that are associated with a greatly increased probability of breakup or divorce: 1) Feeling Distant 2) Increase in Arguing or Negativity 3) Lack of Affection 4) Increase in Anger, Hostility and/or Sarcasm 5) Avoidance of Each Other; Stonewalling 6) Trust Issues (affairs; hiding cell phone/texting; suspicious absences) If You’re Having One or More of the Signs Listed Above, Be Sure to Take Some Action Soon to Improve Your Situation.The main problem for most couples is a lack of skills: often in the areas of communication, anger management, commitment, conflict resolution and/or intimacy skills. For more information about how couples counseling can help you resolve your relationship challenges, please call our main office at (248) 546-0407 or email us at:[email protected] THERAPY / MARRIAGE COUNSELING At The RELATIONSHIP INSTITUTE Couples Therapy is based on the model of a ‘Conscious Relationship’ – a stable, fulfilling and passionate relationship between committed partners Learn More PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING For premarital counseling, we offer traditional Couples Counseling, as well as a unique 5 session program called PREP.Hotline, text line, and online chat service providing suicide prevention, crisis counseling, peer support, and referrals. City-run 24 hour emergency mental health hotline: substance abuse detox, family problems, domestic violence, anxiety, women’s mental health, intervention, sexual abuse, rape, etc… Can also intervene in a crisis situation by going to the person’s home if the call was placed by a 3rd party.


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