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The Nashville singer-songwriter can also be heard on some country radio, dropping the most controversial line in the current anti-small-town-stuffiness single from her all-girl country band, the Pistol Annies: “So I snuck out behind the red barn/And I took myself a toke/Since everybody here hates everybody here/Hell I might as well be the joke.” “You can find these alternative streaks within contemporary country and that’s where we’re finding what might be described as some of this edgier songwriting, pushing the norms of middle-class respectability.” The fact that women are the ones smoking dope also challenges a long-running dilemma in country music experienced in the 1950s by the iconic Patsy Cline, Joli Jensen, a media scholar at the University of Tulsa says.

“Can a woman be “really” country if she isn’t demure, ladylike and standing by her man? “Can she be really country if she is rowdy, redneck, raising hell like a man?

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